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At Venture Partners, we are dedicated to diversifying the decision-makers in venture capital.

Our mission is fueled by the generosity of our community.

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Venture Partners is an educational organization on a mission to diversify the decision-makers in venture capital and entrepreneurship by providing hands-on, practical education and experience to BIPOC, women, and individuals from rural communities.
Our program will create a pipeline of diverse fund associates and managers.
Venture Partners goes beyond traditional classroom learning, offering real-world experiences that mirror the complexities and rewards of venture capital. Fellows emerge not only as subject matter experts but also as well-rounded individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to their chosen career path.


Our flagship program is a venture capital education, practical skills training, and career development program helping individuals break into the venture capital ecosystem.
Our fellows will join with our partners to conduct due diligence actual potential investments while gaining real-world venture capital experience.

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